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Using wind-up toys and cars to understand energy and energy transfer Physical Science This is a two part lesson:Part 1: Students will explore wind-up toys and try to explain the mechanism of the toy's motion, learning about the... Aug 2016
Plant seed dispersal Biology/Life Science The lesson starts with the puzzling question how a lone palm tree came to grow on a small island that has no other palm trees on it and introduces... Aug 2016
Yeast Mutagenesis Biology/Life Science In this laboratory investigation, students learn the concept of mutagenesis and explore how different substances can act as mutagens. The experiment... Oct 2014
Amylase Experiment 2.0 Biology/Life Science, Science Skills Students will use the amylase starch digestion experiment to see enzymes in action. After they've done a run-through of the basic protocol, they'll... Sep 2014
The Microbial World Around (and In!) Us Biology/Life Science, Science Skills In the first lesson in this two-part series, students are introduced to the concept of microbes by collecting samples to grow on agar Petri dishes.... Sep 2014
Neuronal Signaling and Pain Biology/Life Science The lesson has two parts: part one introduces the nerve circuitry for somatosensation and demonstrates the nature of neuronal signaling - electricity... Sep 2014
Problems in Meiosis Lead to Disease Biology/Life Science This lesson is a variation on the traditional pipe-cleaner simulation of mitosis/meiosis. Initially, students review the normal process of meiosis.... Sep 2014
Rainforest Bird Beak Buffet Biology/Life Science Students will look at pictures of 5 different rainforest birds and share their similarities and differences.  Each student will be given one of... Jun 2014
The Lungs and Respiratory System Biology/Life Science Students review what they already know about breathing and the respiratory system. After a brief introduction to the respiratory system, students... Jun 2014
The power of observation Science Skills Students each receive similar looking objects (marble, gem stone, bead, rock) and are given some time to make and record as many observations as... Aug 2013
Oobleck Chemistry, Physical Science, Science Skills Students will read the first part of the book by Dr. Seuss, "Bartholomew and the Oobleck," where they learn about the mysterious substance "Oobleck... Jun 2013
Food production, Population growth and GMOs Biology/Life Science This interactive lesson is part of a lesson series (3 total) that focuses on topic of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). The first lesson focuses... Jul 2012
Mini Medical School - Hematology Biology/Life Science, Science Skills This is a two-class lesson plan. During the first class students are entered into a "mini-medical school" where they will learn about the functions... Apr 2012
Amylase - Exploring digestion and evolution through a molecular machine Biology/Life Science The lesson is designed around two sets of experiments. The first set demonstrates that amylase is a digestive enzyme that degrades starch into sugar... Mar 2011
Which Soil Do Plants Like Best? - Part 2, Collecting Data Biology/Life Science Students will explore how plants grow while using the scientific method to conduct an experiment. Mar 2011
Which Soil Do Plants Like Best? - Part 1, Planting Biology/Life Science Students will explore how plants grow while using the scientific method to conduct an experiment. Mar 2011
Exploring chemical bonding Chemistry Students will engage in an exploration demonstrating the Octet rule and chemical bonding using paper models of elements forming covalent and ionic... Aug 2010
Polarity of Magnets FOSS-Related, Physical Science Students will investigate how the effects of magnets change when their position in space is changed. Children are introduced to basic concepts of... Sep 2009
Antigen switching in malaria Biology/Life Science In this activity, students will model how the parasitic malaria protist Plasmodium falciparum evades the host immune response through a phenomenon... Sep 2009
Demonstrating how to Conduct Controlled Investigations: Example Using Sound FOSS-Related, Physical Science, Science Skills The teacher conducts an investigation to compare the sound produced by two different sized pipes (higher pitch, lower pitch, louder, softer). ... Sep 2009